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Walkabout Cultural Engagement

Walkabout Cultural Engagement is a new suite of professional development opportunities that support government and businesses to invest in strengthening cultural capability and increase organisational reputation as leaders in Indigenous engagement.

The Cultural Engagement experiences are designed to support individual and team professional development, retreats and RAP engagement.

Our core products include:

Yulmbarril Bubungu Kaday

Welcome to Country Ceremony

Recognise the Traditional Owners and their ongoing connection to the land by incorporating a Welcome to Country ceremony at your next special event.

Participate in a smoking ceremony and learn what it actually means to be welcomed to country by custodians of the land, and gain an insight into the respect and connection the people have for country, animals and each other.

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Murumaka ‘Come Together’

Cultural Team Building Workshop

Create a unique, fun and interactive team building experience, with hands-on activities such as weaving baskets, collecting pipis and studying bush medicine.

Hear about the traditional and modern day Kuku Yalanji way of life and how this ancient Indigenous knowledge can be adapted and utilised to create a stronger team and assist in creating a more harmonious workforce. By understanding how Aboriginal teamwork structures assisted in surviving 60 thousand years your workplace can become more efficient and enjoyable.

Tailored for your organisation, the workshop also explores storytelling techniques that will enrich your understanding of and interactions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers, employees and the community.

Time: Approx. 4 hours

Maku-Nyajil ‘Meet on the Trail’

Cultural Awareness Workshop

Bring your Reconciliation Action Plan to life with a half-day corporate workshop designed and tailored for your organisation.

Offer a unique opportunity to help your workforce understand, connect and apply the Aboriginal philosophies and cultural knowledge, aligned to your diversity and inclusion goals.

This interactive session covers topics across understanding cultural protocols, leadership, conducting business and conflict resolution. Enjoy enriching stories, business insights and hands-on team-building activities led by Juan Walker, Kuku Yalanji man and an engaging storyteller with 20 years experience in Indigenous cultural and education and engagement.

Time: Approx. 4 hours

About your facilitator, Juan Walker

Juan Walker is a Kuku Yalanji man and an engaging storyteller with fifteen years of experience in Indigenous cultural workshops.

Juan Walker brings expertise across Indigenous business, cultural tourism and education, working with government, corporate and the community sectors to increase cross-cultural knowledge and understanding of First Nation people’s connection to country.

Juan has represented Australia internationally, as a cultural business innovator in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat and Tourism Australia, in Egypt and France. He is the recipient of significant awards for Indigenous Business, Cultural Tourism and Education.

Juan is an experienced facilitator, educator and communicator with the ability to discuss complex topics in a friendly and engaging manner.